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Align and engage your people in a common cause, story & mission.

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Activate and tap into leadership potential with Rise of a Leader programs.

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Increase engagement, buy-in, and performance with Story Day eXperiential trainings

Are You Ready To
Lead Your Story?

  • Is your team struggling with unity & lack of connection?

  • Are you suffering from low engagement & morale?

  • Do your leaders and teams believe in your cause?

  • Is your company culture causing you headaches?

  • Would better communication boost performance?

  • Do you need a common story to unite & ignite your team?

“Rise Is One of The Most Important Things I’ve Done In My Entire Career.”
Paula Powell ~ Director, City of El Paso

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About Lead Your Story Workshops & Programs

Why Are We Different?
Because Learning Is Never The Target!

If you’re looking to learn more about what you already know or can easily access with a Google search or reading a book — then we are not the partners for you.

Because like no other time in history, you and I can learn just about anything. But none of these “learned things” tell us the truth about who we need to become and what we need to believe if we want to turn knowledge and information into something we actually live…

So at Lead Your Story, we don’t teach much. There are no in-depth reports, PowerPoint slides, or methodologies. Instead, you’ll finally get RAW about what’s truly holding you and your team back.

Next, you will get REAL about what it takes to overcome those challenges to hit your next big goal. And here’s a hint, it isn’t trying to learn a bunch of crap you already know.

And lastly, we help you stay RELEVANT by remaining loyal to your RISE.
This type of loyalty means abandoning flavors of the day and sticking to tried and true principles.

It also means helping you do challenging stuff that matters. And here’s the sticking point for most. Living Leadership is hard-heroic-work only intended for those leaders and teams who are ready to run into burning buildings.

WHY GO THROUGH THE TROUBLE? Because this is what great leaders and organizations do. They find a Unifying STORY and ETHIC to believe in — and then they LIVE IT and LEAD IT.

Remember, you must Live It to Lead it.

So If you believe information, more knowledge, or some secret sauce strategy is going to save you, we offer you our best wishes. For everyone else, we welcome you to a disruptive world, where leaders and teams awaken, transform, and spark new growth. #RISE


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